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Charlotte is again faced with her attacker, when he comes into the hospital after getting stabbed, but eventually puts everything to peace when she forgives him; At Bizzy and Susan's wedding they find that they are finally able to have sex again.

While things at their own wedding get interesting when their parents decided they shouldn't get married only for Cooper and Charlotte to get married in Vegas.

Sam and Addison are still dating but are at different points in their lives.

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Charlotte and Pete decide that Violet and Cooper need to spend less time with each other for both of their relationships to survive.

Sam works to get Dink to step up and start helping Naomi out with Olivia and Maya; Violet and Pete get married, while Sheldon shows Charlotte that he doesn't want to be her friend anymore after she chose Cooper over him.

Addison and Sam start their relationship over again; Charlotte and Cooper begin working on plans for their wedding.

Cooper and Charlotte are faced with not being able to prosecute the rapist when her lawyer states everything was thrown out when she lied.

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Cooper and Charlotte try to get their lives back together, including their sex lives, but are forced to put it on hold when Charlotte can't even be touched because of the assault.

When all of the doctors gather to see Dell's new headstone Violet announces that she and Pete are getting married, making Cooper uncertain about his and Violet's friendship.

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