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07-Aug-2017 12:44

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If there is an update available, select update and follow the prompts.If you have a PC or a Mac computer, you can update your Black Berry smartphone using Black Berry Desktop Software.Official Twitter application for Android has introduced new Android UI features and behavior patterns such as Dashboard, Search Bar, Quick Action and Action Bar.One of the interesting pattern is Quick Actions that displays contextual actions in a list view.

Select “Advanced Options” and then “Wireless Update” 3. Select “Check for Updates” and wait for it to search.

This pattern actually already exists in application (since Android 2.0).

The Quick Actions dialog is not included in standard Android SDK, so we have to create it manually.

If you need to install Black Berry Desktop Software, click on one of the links below to download the version for your computer: Updating using Black Berry Desktop Software for PC 1.

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Connect your device to the PC using your USB cable 2.(Shameless plug: While you are performing the update, check out some other blog posts here on the Inside Black Berry Help Blog, log in and chat with other Black Berry smartphone users on the Black Berry Community Support Forums, or watch some videos on the Black Berry Help You Tube® Channel.) Multitasking leads me into the next consideration: During a full OS update, your device will be disconnected from the mobile network and you will not be able to access any of your data on the device until the update process is complete. You can update your software over the air or “OTA” as we call it.