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30-Nov-2017 03:32

So, please chime in with your opinion: Which is worse? Just my .02…Reply When you are in an unhappy marriage you constantly think, ‘i can’t go on like this. I try to treat it with as much pride and respect as the life I planned and created with my ex husband. He has been nothing but an emotionally abusive jerk but heroes pay ,000 a month in child support so I can’t complain really.

For me, it was very important for my son to see a healthy relationship between his father and I. I think it was better to be a single Mom than to be in an unhappy marriage. I feel like I will never know if it would have been better for him to be in a family where his parents were trying to be married or if it is better for him to be in a family where his parents are divorced.

We really never had major issues over typical mundane coupley bickering and snips.

Worst case scenario, you will have known you did everything you could to salvage it. Reply Claudette, The only reason I read between the lines here to stay with him was “I am afraid of what will happen if I don’t.” Making a decision out of fear is never the right choice, I always say. It has taken therapy to begin healing the abuses I suffered throughout my life and that has helped me build the self-esteem to end it. I believe that, except in very rare cases, once a serial cheater always a serial cheater.